Pride Run Amsterdam
Join us on Friday August 2 2019
Pride Run on 2 August 2019

Come and join us at the Pride Run, for a 5K, 10K or half a marathon. On Friday 2 August 2019 we start at 19.30 (7:30 pm) at "Sporthal Zeeburg", Insulindeweg 1001, Amsterdam. The trail of the Pride Run crosses nice parts of Amsterdam, just outside of the city center. We'll make sure you'll be back before the parties start. And in good shape! Facilities of the run are changing room, shower, first aid, guarded wardrobe and drinking water at every 5K.

Register now!
Please go to the online registration form. If you register now, you get a discount of 2 euros at EUR 7,50 (5K), EUR 8,50 (10K) and EUR 9,50 (half a  marathon). Please, pay your amount to the account number NL28INGB 0007 737497: Dutch Gay and Lesbians Athletics, Amsterdam, before August 1st.

Race day
If you did not register before August 1st it is still possible near the start of the Pride Run. Please make sure to arrive to the venue Sporthal Zeeburg in time! You get there by bicycle, public transportation tram 3, tram 14 or bus 37. The car parking in the vincinity of the venue is not for free.
Click here for the address and map of the Sporthal (to start Google Maps).

Trail records
5K women 19:09 (2016): Nikki Fariley, Amsterdam
5K men 15:38 (2005): Anonymus (Africa)
10K women 37:38 (2002): Marianne van de Linde, Heemstede
10K men 33:20 (2000): Houssein Geele, Arnhem
halve marathon women 1:27:02 (2007): Ella Witjes, Altis
halve marathon men 1:11:30 (2016): Wesley van der Gouw, Prins Hendrik

Questions? Or difficulties with registering online? Please feel free to contact us.


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