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Welcome to Dutch Gay and Lesbian Athletics
Running with DGLA means improving your running skills and condition. You can practice with guidance of professional coaches, get more opportunities to take part in runs, and of course: nice parties. DGLA is THE athletics club for gays and lesbians in The Netherlands, and is based in Amsterdam.

Results of Pride Run 4 August 2017: Results of Pride Run 2017
Results of Pride Run 2016: Results of Pride Run 2016

In Amsterdam? Join us
If you frequently run in your home town and you happen to visit Amsterdam, please feel welcome to contact us and join us. On Fridays we run in the Olympic Stadium in Amsterdam, and on Wednesdays in the eastern part of the city. M: 

Pink Run and Pride Run
Twice a year sportive gays and lesbians come to meet and run at the Pink Run, around Kings Day at the end of April, and the Pride Run, on Fridays at the Gay Pride weekend, which is in the first weekend of August. We'll make sure you'll be back before the parties start. And in good shape!